Friday, July 17, 2015

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It's Christmas in July, with Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale (now open to everyone, with or without a Nordstrom card). If you don't know yet, Nordstrom has free shipping (even for returns - no matter what you purchase, and how much you purchase). They literally have the best customer service ever. 

Below are my picks for the anniversary sale. They're all new, fall inventory on sale until August 2nd, then they all go back up to retail price. So shop fast! 

This Burberry coat in black, saving myself $300~  

These Sperry boots, because we all know they'll be sold out worldwide once it comes late fall.

Hello STUART WEITZMAN. Yes, they are part of the anniversary sale. You're welcome.
Is it fall yet, because all I want to wear are these over-the-knee boots.  

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Easy, Breezy, Side Split Maxi

I love nothing more than a maxi skirt with 2 high splits. More than just the ease of a maxi skirt, I love the way a maxi moves with the wind blows. Sometimes, outfits just look better when they're in motion.
Sunnies: Prada | Denim jacket: J.Crew | V-neck: J. Crew (literally obsessed.. I bought them in 4 colors) | Maxi skirt: old Zara (similar here, here & super affordable one here) | Necklaces: HRH Collection | Sandals: old SM (love these, these & these) | Beach tote: Mar y Sol (need these too)

These photos were taken last weekend, thanks to Vanny, after lunch at The Back Room. (You can see the amazing spread over on my Instagram.) And a HUGE thank you to everyone at The Back Room for hosting The Ladies Brunch Club, the amazing meal & the even better service. We will be back for sure.

Anyway, back to the outfit.. these were taken in front of the brand new, 1 Hotel Central Park, founded by Barry Sternlicht of W Hotels and the Baccarat, and their amazing herb wall. In the middle of the concrete jungle lies this eco-luxe hotel with living, breathing, ivy walls & herb gardens open to the public to clip and take home. And they're literally a block away from Central Park... so the next time you're there, walk a block over and check them out (58th St and 6th Ave).

P.S- Anyone notice the small facelift my blog underwent? :) Let me know your thoughts! It's not done yet, but slowing working on it.
Photos by: Van Le

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Red, White & Blue

4th of July came and went, which means that we're well into the second half of the year. They say times flies when you're having fun, and 2015 has definitely been amazing thus far. I know I've been on and off blogging, and I have no excuses other than that life gets in the way, but I'm back and here to stay. Thanks for sticking around :)
Purse: c/o Coach | Panama hat: J.Crew | Sunnies: old Pixie Market (similar here, and under $6 here!!) | Crop Top: Nordstrom | White culottes: Aritzia (sold out in white, but similar here and here) | Sandals: Banana Republic | Necklaces: HRH Collection
I spent this 4th of July weekend here in NYC, and loved every single minute of it (see all that I've done on Instagram). My girl, Vanny and I had brunch at Narcissa (SO obsessed with their outdoor garden) and took the day to stroll the quiet city and shoot for our blogs. It's been such a blessing to have friends who also blog but also have quiet the eye for photography. 

And for the spirit of 4th of July, I attempted to wear red, white and blue - thanks to Coach for the red purse that came in just in time for the holiday weekend, and BIG thanks to Vanny for knowing exactly where the perfect blue wall would be.
Anyway, now just getting back into the swing of things at work. It always seems like I need a vacation post vacation (or a long weekend in my case) just to get my sh!t together. I'm not alone, right?
Photos by: Van Le
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Monday, March 2, 2015

Off-The-Shoulder, Metallic.

Hello March! & Happy Monday!
Can we quickly talk about how much it snowed yesterday (in NYC) on the first day of March?! Anyway, I digress...
So last week, I met with the amazing girls over at Mestiza and got the chance to sit and chat with them about their line inspired by their Southeast Asian roots. Their site isn't shoppable just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for their launch date, and until then, take a look at their look book. Swooning over the white, off the shoulder dress!

Dress: Mestiza (c/o) // Shoes: Schutz // Bangle: BaubleBar
This day was so cold I had to find an indoor location to shoot. Honestly the worst part about winter is the difficulty to shoot outfit posts (#bloggerprobs) but really. But the New York Public Library didn't disappoint. The marble contrast against this sparkly little dress was everything.

My favorite part about this dress? How twirl-able it was! As a petite girl, the length was perfect too. (I'm a little shy of 5'2" for reference), but it hit just right, and there was just the right amount of fabric so I didn't look like I was wearing a tent. Also, the base of the dress is a beautifully made bodycon dress that hugs your body in all the right places. Can you tell I'm obsessed? 

Let me know which Mestiza dress is your favorite below :) I can't wait to get the white, off-the-shoulder with the gold trim! (Planning to take it to my trip to PR in late May!) 

Big thanks to my friend Jino for the photos! 
PS- I'm now on Snapchat, add me: AndPrettyThings for the day-to-day life in NYC.

Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 - New Years Resolutions + a {late} Holiday outfit

A few days late, but better late than never, right? For me, 2014 was definitely a year of growth.There were some really good times, and also some pretty bad times, but those are all a part of growing up I suppose. I can't quite remember the last time I made New Year resolutions, other than the generic resolutions the mass population makes of "going to the gym more, eating healthier, not being so lazy, etc." but I've had some time to myself the last few days, and wanted to put some of my thoughts in writing.
To start, I've never been an open person, as in, I'm not one to share my thoughts and emotions or 'how I'm really feeling' to anyone. I'm typically one to keep them bottled up inside me, and then vent to one of my very close (those are very few) friends, whom I'm forever grateful for. Being in the PR/ Social Media field, you'd think I'd communicate my feelings a lot more than I do/ should, but that's far from true. I'm a very private person. Although I share what I wear on this blog, and my day-to-day on my Instagram, you don't see anything but the good - because who really wants to see photos of unappetizing meals, a messy desk, and a terrible selfie after a long day of work? Not me. Anyway, let's start here. On the very top of my resolutions is to be more open about my feelings.

Communicate my real feelings:I won't be complaining/ venting too much here on the blog, but it's quite refreshing when bloggers do "keep it real" because no one's life is perfect. It's so easy to curate that perfect life on social media with the help of perfect lighting, a new accessory & great angles, but let's be real, life isn't always so pretty. This is more for me to be able to open up to my friends & family, instead of always saying "I'm great, how are you?" Because my life isn't always great. Vulnerability is a scary thought. #yikes.

Be more responsible with my finances:
This year was the first year in my life that I'm 100% financially independent from my parents (it only took me 25 years .... love you mom&dad!), and I'm proud to be able to say that I can pay for my own rent and all, but damn you credit card (such a love/hate relationship). Also, I want to pay off all of my student loans by the time I'm 30 (so I guess I have until 2019 for this one) + have no credit card debt. So this means no impulse purchases... because I can fall real hard for a luxe handbag and a pretty pair of shoes.

Spend more time with my family:
In 2014, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I went home to see my parents. Living in NYC, and my parent's in Philly, the travel isn't that far - seriously, only 2 hours, and yet I've probably gone home about 5 times this last year. Not to say that I don't talk to them everyday because I text my mom everyday (she's my best friend) and we talk on the phone multiple times a week. But seeing them in person and spending time with them is different. As I've gotten older, I've really started to appreciate and cherish the times I get to spend with my parents and I want to do it more often. 

Stop comparing myself with others:
Um maybe I need to deactivate Facebook and delete my Instagram account (#justkidding) but seriously, it's hard not to compare yourself to others when everyone's life is on public display. It seems as though ALL of my girlfriends are in some serious relationships/ getting engaged, where as I'm still single. And for awhile I was okay with being single, but recently I've started to feel more pressure to find a SO. And don't get me wrong, I've done my share of dating, but none felt organic - there were some not-so-great dates, but also some good ones, but there just wasn't any chemistry. And I'm not ready to settle just yet.
Besides boys + dating, it's hard not to compare myself to other bloggers, instagrammers, people of the internet, etc. We all do it, and know it's not healthy, but damn you IG, justkidding, I love you. So this year, I want to really focus on myself, and my personal goals without being blinded by what others are doing/ have achieved, because your time will come. 

Blog more:
As simple as that & finally to make the move from Blogger to Wordpress.

AND to end, here's a super late Christmas-y outfit - my take on red + tartan :)
Red, oversized turtleneck // (old) Zara tartan trousers // (old) Zara pumps // Prada Sunnies // Shanaz Designs purse

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend/ break and are having a wonderful start to 2015. I want to hear about your resolutions too! <3