Wednesday, April 16, 2014

{Birkenstock-esque Sandals}

Birkenstock are back in full swing this season, aka designers high and low are coming out with their own variation of the sandal. Won't lie, I wasn't a fan of them in the 90s, and not sure if I'm on board with the trend this season either, but never say never, right?! Here are a few variations of the Birkenstock-esque sandals that are slightly easier on the eyes. 
1. Givenchy Floral print sandals // 2. Snake print sandals // 3. White sandals w/ buckles // 4. Embellished brown leather sandals // 5. MSGM Embellished snake print 
or get yourself a pair of the real deal HERE.

Okay fine, I'd die for the floral print sandals by Givenchy.. so gorg. Are you wearing Birks this season?

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

In The Nude

Spring is officially here in NYC! (I mean, let's hope this beautiful weather is here to stay). With the warmer weather, I'm moving away from wearing all black and gravitating towards brighter, happier colors along with all shades of nude. It's so refreshing to get out of the all black rut, and now on a shopping binge to fill my closet with a new spring wardrobe! 
shop nudes
J. Crew Panama Hat // Wildfox Clubfox Sunnies // Ann Taylor Juliana Ballet Flats // Club Monaco Whitney Circle Skirt // Cooper & Ella Harper Double V Neck // Kara Nude Backpack // Zimmerman Lace Romper // Ann Taylor Rose Gemstone Bracelet // Steven Nuvess Ankle Strap Sandals // Time's Arrow Jo Tote 

Hope everyone is enjoying this weather, and happy (almost) Friday! 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{Favorite Earrings}

I can't believe it's already Wednesday! Glad the week is flying by :) Anyway, I've recently started wearing earrings again.. something I haven't done in a long time. I've always had my ears pierced since I was a little girl, and all throughout high school I loved earrings but once I got to college, I pretty much stopped wearing them. Not sure what happened but I've stopped purchasing earrings and didn't feel the urge to ever wear them. But as of late, with my short hair and all, I've started gravitating towards earrings — something practical, that I can wear daily and I've kinda been liking it! Maybe it's the short hair that's making me want to wear more earrings? Not sure, but now I'm looking for a few more statement pieces as well as studs to add to the collection :)

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve

Those Pac-man earrings bring back some serious childhood memories :P 
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

{Giveaway Winner + How-To}

& the winner is Florence S! I'll email you to confirm your choice of Corners! Thanks everyone for entering!! Also, for those of you who didn't win, you can pick up a set for 20% OFF using code: Daisy20
Here's a quick "how-to" to apply your Corners4!
 Everything you'll need.
1. Before you start, take an alcohol pad or a clean cloth to wipe off any dirt or residue from your phone.
You'll need 4 adhesives ( extras included), one per corner. The red lines will guide you when placing onto your phone.
2. Peel the adhesive off of the plastic, and align to the corner of your phone, using the red lines are guidelines. Then press firmly. (Note that the adhesive may be slightly lifting off before you place the Corner — but everything will be ok)
3. Take one of the Corner4 and place right over your adhesive. You may need to nudge it back and forth until it it completely on. Make sure there aren't any gaps between the Corners4 and the adhesive. Now repeat these steps for the rest of your corners!
*When placing the Corners4, make sure the cut-out corner is used where you iPhone camera is.
And voila! It only takes about 5 mins and now your phone looks awesome. Here's what the iPhone 4s looks like with the Black Corners4, and the iPhone 5s with the Gold Corners4.

Love the look of the black Corners against the white iPhone. Use code: Daisy20 for 20% OFF for those who didn't win, but would still like to pick up a set or two. Take a look at the different color options HERE.

(on my nails is "Lola" by Urban Outfitters)

Monday, March 10, 2014

{Monday Motivation}

because some Monday''s require an extra push...

How do you keep yourself motivated, especially when it come to blogging?